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sit-n-sleep-logoIntegrated Access Solutions Ensures Sit ‘n Sleep Provides Advanced Customer Service Thanks to New Centralized Call Center and Communication System

Sit ‘n Sleep (SNS) realized their outdated communications system meant the company wasn’t interacting with customers at peak efficiency—which translated to lost revenue. SNS called in Integrated Access Solutions (IAS) to first assess SNS’s needs and then to develop and implement a unified communications solution. The resulting solution merges customer service, dispatch, delivery, reporting, and more into one seamless system; it has more than met SNS’s goals of improved time-efficiency, increased customer relations, and cost-savings.

Sit ‘n Sleep needed an overhaul of their corporate communication system, which needed to serve corporate headquarters users, customer service agents, delivery and distribution agents, sales, and retail site users. The primary need was to revamp the phone system that connected corporate headquarters and all store locations, and the next important task was to create a centralized contact center to accommodate a minimum of 15 customer service agents taking inbound calls. Sit ‘n Sleep also needed to track communications and customer data.

After a detailed assessment, IAS designed a plan tailored to SNS needs for a new unified communications system tailored to SNS needs. Fundamental to the plan were voice-over-IP (VoiP) and centralized trunking to deliver voice, video, and other streaming media to a new call center at SNS headquarters, while also connecting seamlessly to dispatch and delivery. In addition, IAS created a four-digit phone system between stores. Centralized communications software was configured to track all marketing data from inbound sales.

IAS implemented all systems at SNS headquarters and across the chain of stores, providing full training to staff and management in the use of the new functionality.

•    Data traffic management: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
•    Server management: Interactive Intelligence Server
•    Power management: HP Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches
•    Phone system: Polycom, including callflow and application development

•    Cost savings: With in-house, advanced, rules-based call recording and scoring/analytics recording for quality assurance purposes, SNS saves money and time by no longer outsourcing recordings to third-party providers.
•    Better call management: The centralized call center means less confusion and increased organization for inbound calls. With 15 call agents on hand, call wait-time is reduced and potential customers are more likely to remain on the line.
•    Faster internal communication: The four-digit dialing system means employees can quickly dial other stores, leading to better customer service.

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