Professional Services

Professional Services/Methodology

IAS communications experts can provide you and your organization as much or little support as you want. We can perform any one of our core professional services-evaluate the state of your current system, propose improvements, install and configure new products, and maintain and support your systems-or all of the above.
You tell us the problems you need to solve and how you want us involved, and IAS will provide a solution. We deliver value in four key areas:



We help you assess your current communications environment-especially as they compare to current industry standards and best practices-as well as your concerns and desired improvements. One of our most popular offerings is our Contact Center Health Check Assessment.



With your goals and the current state of your communications system in mind, we can design a system that meets your defined requirements. We’ll hand-select specific technologies and recommend an implementation plan. Our Unified Communications Planning Services package will give you the blueprint to the system that best suits your needs.



Once you have a system design, IAS can perform the full implementation-from project management and procurement, to installation, integration, and training. Our Infrastructure Deployment package is a result of our extensive, hands-on experience implementing communications systems.



With your system up and running, IAS can take the day-to-day work of maintenance and support off of your shoulders with help desk, proactive monitoring, and emergency response capabilities. Our Managed Unified Communications package includes a menu of services to choose from.

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